The Last Magazine - Go Outside

I left New York for Los Angeles but decided to head North. I had never seen Canada before so I figured I’d knock it out along the way. I left some time in August for New Hampshire, then slept on a strangers floor in Montreal for a while. From there I traveled with farmers and hunters and small time pot growers along Route 17 until Manitoba where it switched to Route 1. I brought a map but lost it half way and my phone didn’t work in Canada so I kept it off and lost all sense of time except the sun. I didn’t have any destinations planned out, I just went wherever the driver recommended and took most of the pictures through car windows. The trip wasn’t about time or dates or locations, it was about escaping all of that. It was about staying where I was for as long as I wanted or going as far away as possible. If I smoked a cigarette off the side of the road instead of putting my thumb up it would change my trip drastically. I could miss a good ride or a bad one. It put me in different places at different times meaning I’d meet completely different people. These aren’t places so much as ideas. I’m not going to tell where any of these pictures were taken. I didn’t take pictures of destinations.. this is what you ignore along the side of the road every day.


  1. I saw this on your tumblr. Beautiful pictures.

  2. You are such an incredible inspiration. You have a beautiful mind.

  3. There's definitively no coincidence in life. Believe me or not, i was just about to write you because i both wanted some piece of advice and hear your travel stories.
    I'm dreaming of crossing America too so, if you have anything to tell me before i do, don't be shy.

    PS : Thank you for being who you are, your soul is grand and you inspire me like fucking hell.