Transmission Magazine - Kasia Struss


  1. Really? So tell me please why did You choose breastless model for such photosession? Please give me one reason? You're a famous photographer, You could have almost every model who will act naked befor Your lens. Why did You picked this one? And why fashion world for few years promote breastless girls and guys who looks like women?
    I'm a polish as Your model Kasia, she's great but not for that kind photosessions.

    1. I hadn't seen your response until just now. I can give you many reasons for why I chose a "breastless model."

      First, by the time of this photo shoot, she had been my girlfriend for four years. Not only do I find her body beautiful and sexy, but I've been in love with every inch of it.

      Second, this photo shoot has absolutely nothing to do with breasts. Maybe you've mistaken my website for a porn site? This shoot, and my photography in general, is about promoting natural beauty.

      I'm sick of tasteless magazines and ignorant mentalities promoting ridiculous standards for beauty. There are many shapes and sizes for women, and I love every single healthy one of them. Kasia eats three times a day … I've seen it. She doesn't starve herself, she doesn't watch what she eats … she's just born with a different body type from what you're used to.

      I've had to watch her browse the comments of Pudelek and consider getting breast implants because she's hurt by the majority of responses saying she looks sick or like a boy … growing up in a small town hearing the same her whole life should have been enough. When I met her, and many of her model friends, they were very uncomfortable with their tiny frames. It took a long time for them to feel alright with their bodies … which is just as sad as the bigger girls who feel the need to become tiny.

      Setting some standard size just makes everyone unhappy with how they are. And really, no-matter what, people will want to be what they're not … though perhaps that's only due to childish men like you that have made women feel this way.

      I've had many young girls write to me and thank me for my choice in models … girls from all over the world who consider surgery or even taking something ridiculous like birth control to make their bodies appear more "womanly." They thank me because they're able to see that there are other girls that look like them, and photographers who find them beautiful.

      I hope that one day my Spanish friends will be happy with their beautiful curvy bodies … and my eastern European friends happy with their beautiful thin frames.

      And I hope you realize that your mentality is the reason why women make themselves sick.

    2. your response is literally perfect, kasia is a beautiful women. who says women need giant breasts though ?

  2. these are great, love the texture

    nic, san francisco

  3. @Kacper Pokorski, you're a fucking prick.

    @dylanforsberg. these photographs are absolutely stunning, as is your girlfriend. i love your blog and it makes me hopeful that there are still wonderful human beings out there that believe the human body is at the pinnacle of beauty in its natural frame, regardless of size and shape.
    stay excellent.


  4. @Kacper Pokorski what a huge joke of a person. I feel actually embarrassed that humans like him exist.

    Anyway, lovely photos, her beauty truly compliments the surroundings

  5. Ooooh snap @Kacper Pokorski

  6. amazing pictures... Kasia Struss has the complete package what a model needs! photogenic, personality, body, versatile face and very elegant. lovely Kasia-

  7. Dylan.. you are great ! You should teach all of those photographers who are looking for beauty only in big breast and Pudelek-standards shapes, how to find natural beauty.. Respect ! And thank you I am also 'breastless' ;)

  8. @Kacper Pokorski Get the fuck outta here. Kasia is something you'll never be, naturally beautiful and delicious inside and out...so you and your narrowmindedness can take a seat over here -> _/

    Dylan, beautiful photos of an amazing "woman".